We Are Selling A Lot Of Real Estate!

http://dscotwilliams.com/?search=prednisone-20-mg-tab-side-effcts Everyone knows it is a buyer’s market. It has been tough out there and home sellers have taken quite a beating. If you need to sell, you really need a good plan. The competing inventory is extensive and new homes are desirable & easy to come by, so it is more important than ever for your property to stand out from the rest.

http://virgin-yachts.com/?search=best-buy-generic-levitra-online The Tia Stanley Team specializes in just that. Our plan is exclusive and distinctive. It is precise and targeted. We make a financial investment in every listing and we expect it to sell. We are able to triple the number of buyers looking at your property.

how to buy brand propecia in canadian drugstore Pictures are of extreme importance. Buyers are drawn to photos, especially good ones. We are taking our already very good wide-angle photos to the next level. We have invested in the best camera equipment, lighting, tripods, and have taken some classes to hone those skills. We do not do average. When we list your house, it should be picture ready. Clear the counters, take the art off of the refrigerator. Remove the bathroom rugs, and hide the shampoo bottles. We want to put your best features on display. Depending on your square footage and the features you have, we take 100 – 200 photos of each property and choose the best shots.


Is It Really Cheaper to Own?

go site  According to the popular home search website  Trulia, in 72 % of the largest U.S. Markets which compares median home sales prices to the median rental rates, it is actually cheaper to own.

http://afternooncrumbs.com/?search=viagra-australia This follows the law of supply and demand as the demand for rentals increases, so to does the rental rates. Of course, this is true in some markets and not in others, so it is worth investigating to see what your best options are. Why rent if you can own for the same or less? You should start with speaking to a mortgage lender or a REALTOR to get a clear picture of your situation.


Here We Go!

http://stepbirmingham.com/?search=best-place-to-buy-sildenafil-on-internet Well, just getting started here on our new Blog Real Estate Salad. I always loved the name The Real Estate Tomato , but alas, it is already taken and Real Estate Soup is only good during the winter right? But salad, it is always fresh and you can dress it up, make it simple, or complex. I am not sure this will stick, but hey, it’s all about discovery and adventure.

safe cheap canadian levitra So what will we include in our Salad? Let’s start with location. In real estate it’s all about location and my business partner Marie Smith and I feel blessed to live on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, in southern Alabama. It is just a little paradise here. Now, the Eastern Shore is made up of Fairhope, Point Clear, Daphne, Montrose, and Spanish Fort proper, but the surrounding areas have a lot to offer as well.

We plan to bring you up to date information about the real estate market, things to do, local flavor, and of course access to all of the available real estate for sale.

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