What Home Buyers Really Want

Bringing Home Buyers and Home Sellers Together

Realtors Should Be The Strong Link Between Home Buyers & Home Sellers.

What home buyers really want is personalized service that meets them on their turf. Tailor made to make the process efficient, and possibly even enjoyable. What is important to one person is not to another. Recently I was working with some Williamsburg Virginia home buyers (who are now under contract…yay) but when we would arrive at any home the husband would walk the exterior. That’s where he started because he is looking at the structural aspects as the most important reason to either eliminate or consider the home. His wife and I would generally proceed inside where he would join us, checking the attic, the ceilings, floors, etc.

I prefer to encourage home buyers to go in the direction that pulls them because part of providing great service is paying attention to cues, body language, take a few notes, etc. It becomes easy to tell if it’s ‘the house’ when you pay attention to what someone is not saying as much as what they are saying. I ask questions. Lots of questions in order to tune in to the things that are most important. The more I know about you, the more I can help you. I cannot speak for any other agent, but I have no interest in someone buying a house that is not the right house. My goal is to explore, uncover and discover what will really make you happy, never to pressure or coerce. I will point out  and discuss the positives and definitely the negatives to minimize future problems or disappointment.

Another thing that often surprises people is the lack of emphasis on spending at the top of your price range. That I don’t feel the need to only show them the top of their price range. I really do not care if you buy the cheapest or most expensive property. Yes it determines my commission but I am more interested in a long-term relationship of referrals, repeat business and 5-star reviews because I over-delivered your expectations. Happy clients gives me the best ROI (return on investment). I decided years ago that no one single commission was ever going to change my life so much that I would compromise the service or the person to get a paycheck.

So, what do I think the majority of home buyers want? I think they want to be asked questions. I think they want to spend time looking at properties that have a chance of meeting their needs. They do not want to feel rushed or ‘sold’, although military PCS moves often focuses on time frame. Buyer’s want honest assessment of a home which comes with experience, home values that are more accurate than ‘Zestimates’. A facilitator who can negotiate and make the deal happen in the most favorable terms possible. An agent that is knowledgeable about various loans who can give some guidance. Someone who will pick up the phone when you call and stick around after the sale.

In a nutshell, I have never convinced anyone to buy a home. Never. It is either the home the want and choose to buy, or it’s not. One of my sweet first-time home buyers refers to me as their ‘Realtor Momma’. I like taking care of my folks.